Scotland to Sicily 2016

When we were in Syracuse we realised, that unfortunately we cannot explore every single corner of Sicily as we thought before. So we directed our steps more further inland to see the other side of island. We must say, that not only seacost is beautiful, but also mainland places have a lot to offer you. You can see raw land with mainly agricultural fields of many colours, then orchards of olive trees and famous Sicilian Lemon trees.
The next town after Syracuse was Caltagirone, which as we found when we were there,is main producer of traditional ceramic in incredible bright and pure colours. We could not buy anything, unfortunately (lack of space on motorbike). We climbed up 142 steps decorated by ceramic tiles and then down again. Not easy in motorbike gear and 32 degrees of Sahara sun above your head, I’m afraid.
As time went quickly that day we moved to seacoast again to town Agrigento. Another big surprise was waiting for us: Valley of Ancient temples similar to those in Paestum (here were Temple of Zeus, Temple of Concordia, Temple of Juno, Temple of Heracles and couple more). So we knew what we are doing in the evening.
There we found a rare goat breed Girgentana, only found in area of Agrigento. It has got origin in northern Afganistan, where the English naturalist Falconer spot it first time.
Another early morning we discovered untouched golf with chalk cliffs in Scala dei Turchi. Such a picturesque view, we would say.
It was another good place where to be, but we must carry on to see what is behind the corner.

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