Scotland to Sicily 2016

On the way from touristic Cecina we spent one night near Terracina, the best campsite Vida Loca where we had a pitch almost on the beach. At night we went for a walk and bought local speciality, italian fast food type – doughnut with custard cream. On this spot we met few local people buying these delicates as takeaway. From here the direction was to Pompeii, Roman city which was buried in meters of ash and pumice after the catastrophic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 B.C. This is one of those amazing places where you can easily spent hours walking in the ancient world. The present of Romans is visible through the frescoes on the ruined walls, perfectly detailed mosaics and heating and bath system. When you walk on the streets of ancient Pompeii, the Mount Vesuvius is still present and you are wondering how such a calm mount could become so strong. To understand you should take a public transport (blue bus) directly oposite train station in Pompeii. This will cost you 1/3 less the price then any with other transport organised by private company and will take you directly under the Vesuvius from where you have to walk to the top. (Only old Fiat Panda 4×4 can climb to the top – very common vehicle in Italian villages). Also here you can spend couple hours, better to use first morning bus at 9:50 to avoid crowded Vesuvius. Please take proper shoes, no flipflops because of the ash. Vesuvius erupted last time in 1944 and is still active volcano, it will erupt again. Our advice is, go there as soon as possible!

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