Scotland to Sicily 2016

One more week in Tuscany and we can say we know the true face of it. We can now compare the historical part in Volterra to tourist destination in Cecina. Can you imagine you spend week on the seacoast without visiting what is behind those beautiful hills full of green colour? There is an ancient town Volterra where we have been twice (on our own and second time with Mark’s parents who came to Cecina for holidays). Volterra is a town on the hill (as many other inland towns) with many small businesses full of typical local food like sausages made of boar and smelly but certainly tasty tartufo cheese. Other items are souvenirs made from Alabaster stone. All kinds of statues, cheaper to expensive ones and any other sort of small or bigger item of jewellery. First couple nights we spent in Pomarance town (Pomarance pronaunced in Italian sounds same as fruit oranges in Slovak, but no oranges are grown here, so we decided to buy aranciata soft drink instead, much better then Fanta!). Cecina with a long promenade of palm trees and shops ideal for summer shopping is a place with nightlive. On the 15th August they celebrate with midnight fireworks. The sailors take the witch on the sea and sunk her in the water. It was nice to see all boats and the firework from the terrace of the hotel. Until now it was all about being in the right place in a right time!

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