Scotland to Sicily 2016

From Emilia Romagna country we moved to Tuscany. Truly, you can spot a lot of differencies in landscape. Tuscany is filled up with olive trees, vineyards and high slim trees. This is the land where Leonardo da Vinci was born. We visited the town Vinci and the birthplace of this genius in Anchiano (3km from Vinci). If you know some of da Vinci’s artworks you definitely can say he lived and took inspiration from Tuscany. Only to imagine how it was in 15th century, without motorways and full of sunflowers. Our next steps went to famous town Pontedera where is the birthplace of unremarkable Italian scooter Vespa (Vespa has evolved from a single model motor scooter manufactured in 1946 by Piaggio & Co. S.p.A. of Pontedera, Italy) and Piaggio factory, especially for all Vespa fans. Because we also have little Vespa LX 50, we had to go there, definitely! It’s small town with no big signs of its fame. Just little signs tell you where is Museum of Piaggio and huge factory. It was a great feeling to be a part of history of brand and the same fanatics of Vespa as we are. That day we also went to Pisa to see a leaning tower, which was really leaning on right side. The square was filled with people and queues were long, so we decided to not go up. Just took pictures and went for town exploring. We must say, Pisa is just that attraction, nothing else special.
The following day we rode to Florence, which was a bit surprise: big and cozy town at the same time. You can see tourists from early hours everywhere, even queuing for 2 hours towards Cathedral entry, but it wasn’t that messy as in Pisa. Florence is really nice and romantic city with incredible atmosphere. We spent half day here without any visits of museums (a bit expensive, to be honest). Now we are slowly moving down, closer to sea coast again …

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