Scotland to Sicily 2016

Every night, after we do daily routine such as cooking, washing up and resting, we plan our next day route. Road Atlas is our best friend next to the bottle of wine. When sitting over the atlas we try to plan all routes avoiding motorways and find more curvy and unknown country roads, less known means more adventure for us. The following days we explored more passes towards Mont Blanc. The campsite with the view of the Mont Blanc was the best thing in the morning to see. After Mont Blanc we crossed pass St. Bernard after which we rode a while (along the borders France – Italy) on Route des Grandes Alpes with around 684km (17 mountain passes) and stayed overnight in Lanslevillard, village rebuilt after WWII as new.
Next day we rode to Briancon to see the town centre, the Cathedral and Fortifications. In the evening again with the help of Europe Atlas we decided to direct our journey to Embrun (because the atlas shows the Cathedrale as the point of interest). And it definitely has impresive interior. After short stop in Embrun we continued to Digne-les-Bains from where we started our part of Route Napoleon to Castellane. The Route Napoleon was named after Napoleon Bonaparte who has taken this route in 1815 when he returned from Elba to Waterloo, with 325km in total (can take 8 hours by car). This was again one of greatest unexpected experiences of Provence for us.
On the begining of Castellane we saw the sign for Citroen Museum with more then 86 original exemplares on display (What a lovely break in 34 degrees of Celsius.)

For this night we are staying near Draguignan going to see town in the evening.
Plan for next day is to get to the South to French coast. It’s getting hotter and hotter which to be honest is not the best especially if you are wearing motorcycle clothes (lucky Marek has detachable waterproof membrane, Veronika unforturnately not). We do more stops, but more stops mean more sweatting on spot. In mountains it is very unpredictable weather, so we wear mostly motorcycle clothes. From now on, closer to South French coast, weather seems to be more stable, so we finally can swap motorcycle jeans for Kevlar jeans (at least something we can change).

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