Scotland to Sicily 2016

From Slovakia our first steps went to explore famous Grossglockner mountain pass (3798m)  which should be on the list of every keen biker. To reach it from Slovakia you need ideally 2 days (550km on non motorway roads), which is definitely worth spent time. Through scenery of valleys and mountains surrounding us all the way from Neunkirchen, Austria we stopped for first night near Spielberg, Austria. We didn’t know it is famous racing Formula 1 circuit, such a surprise! Went there to smell burnt out petrol and rubber of racing cars next morning. From there we went through country roads to Heiligenblut am Grossglockner, closest village under highest Austrian’s peak Grossglockner.

You should reserve enough time and start early in the morning to have the road  only for yourself (without caravans, buses and cars also allowed to reach the destination at Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Hohe (2368m) and Edelweisspitze (2571m). We spent 4 hours riding around and looking on the large glacier from viewpoints. In the middle of the day we moved across the country, again on local roads only. The Passo Stalle (2052 m) is the place where we crossed natural borders from Austria to Italy.

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