Scotland to Sicily 2016

In memories of summer 2014 we made our way to Ledbury, Herefordshire and Cheddar Somerset. This time we went to famous Weston’s cider tour we have not done last time. In Cheddar we had a brake to remind ourselves how great it was to spend time in a town where British cheese is made and left to mature in local caves Cheddar George. When finished in Cheddar we road to Torquey, Devon. We stayed in mood of caves and we went on a tour to prehistoric caves Kent’s Cavern. These cave system is known to be once inhabited by Homo Sapiens, hyenas, bears and wooly mammoths (skulls, teeth and jawbone on display in local museum). It would not be us to not to do the track to the beaches Oddicombe and Babbacombe down the hill. In the evening the town promenade reminds you all those seacoast towns but you only wish the breeze to be warmer.

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