Scotland to Sicily 2016

Look ahead, around and over from motorbike brings an adventure to your life. It is possible on our webpage to see, share and follow all our routes and travel with us on two wheels.

Our passion for travelling grew through last three years we spent in England. We met and heard many stories from various people who inspired us and we decided to bring adventure closer.

You can witness our previous trips and planning of journey from the north point in Scotland, John O’Groats through the Europe, ending up in Sicily.

Our plan is to visit historic, ancient sites, natural beauties, forgotten and abandoned places, which you would not usually chose for your holiday because of their location and ease of access. From Scotland we will direct our wheels to the south of England from where directly to old continent. There it will become more winding. Heading to France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia (stop to visit home) and Italy on the end.

This is going to be our first big adventure and will be dedicated to SAMARIA, charity in Slovakia. With help from ALL of YOU, the finance we donate, will contribute to a purchase of new Van. This will be used to distribute all donations like furniture, food, clothes and etc. directly to people in need. You will become part of our BIG ADVENTURE and together we bring NEW, BETTER LIFE to PEOPLE WHO REALLY DESERVE IT!

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